Home Learning

Aquamarine Homework Week 3

Half way through the term!

Our learning this week has included:

-Properties of 3D shapes

-Fractions of shapes- Making equal parts

-Linking our Science learning of habitats and our writing skills to create a Non-Chronological report about Lions in the Savannah

-Changes and loss- What we can do if something changes or we lose something or someone important. Change can be a good thing too.

-The Plague and Black Death- Important times in the History of London



Change the ‘y’ to an ‘i’ and add ‘es’

eg fly – flies






Are there any others you can think of or find in your reading books?


A whole set of Maths Cards have been printed, we have started to check this week and will continue next week. Keep up the good work everyone.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Miss Eyears