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Aquamarine Homework Week 4

Happy Earth Day everyone,


Thank you for the contribution of various rubbish this morning. We were amazed about just how much plastic and general rubbish we managed to accumulate in just one day. We used the rubbish to make 3 giant R’s to show awareness for the amount of rubbish we use and that we can:





We have had a slightly different this week with our special visitors which meant our Class Assembly preparation is far behind schedule. Lines have gone home for us to rehearse (thanks Eliza for clarifying the pronunciation of Samuel Pepys, although I have read it numerous times, I had never heard it said out loud, so thank you).

Thank you in advance for your consideration that we are not as prepared as we would usually be but we can assure you we have been learning so much about The Plague.


We will be continuing fractions next week but moving onto fractions of collections (amounts). This will help with our understanding of division.


Spelling this week is knowing the difference between a plural and possessive apostrophe. It would be helpful this week to choose some of the words to write in a sentence with a plural and showing possession

eg. phone – phones, phone’s

Miss Eyears took three phones from children while on a school trip.

The phone’s screen was cracked when it was dropped.







Just wanted to touch base about PE kits. Unfortunately, some PE kits have disappeared. Our procedure is that the PE kits stay on pegs and we take straight into the classroom, get changed at our spots and take back to pegs after PE. Some children do take PE kits to clubs.  They are separate from the Year 1 PE kits so I am not sure how they are going missing. Could I just give a friendly reminder to make sure PE kits and all items are clearly labelled and at the end of half term that we check each of our PE kits please? I can assure you I do whatever I can to make sure the children are responsible for keeping their things safe.


Have a wonderful weekend all.


Miss Eyears