Big Pedal 2019

Following on from Big Pedal, and school’s commitment to encouraging ‘car free’ travel, please be informed that Barnet has launched a consultation about new cycleways in the borough. If you can, take a few minutes to look at the attached link and if you are interested, add your view.


Last Day of Big Pedal and what a fantastic 2 weeks it has been. Our scooter and bike racks have been spilling over and the term ‘park and stride’ has become the norm! Our school moved from a day position of 313 nationally to 35! In London we achieved being 7th out of 47 schools.

After 10 Golden Locks and a really well attended, healthy Biker’s Breakfast, we must finish our event. HOWEVER, we hope that for many of you, that having tried it, you will start to fit in more days where you take more active ways into school. Happy Easter biking and scooting…or even just a lovely walk.

Enormous thank you to the Bike It Crew who demonstrated just what it means to be an ‘independent learner’.


What a beautifully quartered apple!


Days 3,4 and 5 have raced past this week (excuse the pun) and each day has seen more and more children bringing bikes and scooters to school. We have also heard of lots of families parking further away and ‘striding’ the last part of their journey. Today, a parent told me how much she had benefited from the daily walk; it had renewed her interest in being more active. That is exactly the purpose of Big Pedal – to change fixed habits and find different ways to travel to school which promotes physical activity and protects the planet from extra car fumes. I am so proud of how well the Bike It Crew have managed the event; they are an absolute credit to school.

Well done to all 5 pupils who won GOLDEN LOCK prizes this week. They have really motivated others to bring bikes and scooters to school. 5 more opportunities, so keep on trying!

NEXT FRIDAY –  watch out for ‘Bikers Breakfast’. Anyone arriving on a bike or scooter will be invited to a brioche breakfast from 830-845.

Day 2 of our Big Pedal and the Bike It Crew have seen a huge increase in children cycling and scooting to school. Lots of children also trying the ‘park and stride’ model which is fantastic.

Well done to our first ‘Golden Lock’ winner in Year 1. He was thrilled with his bendy pens and funny face rubbers!

Scooter racks filled!

Thank goodness for our new cycle pods. Never have we had so many bicycles. Well done children!


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