Diyas completed … and now RELAX !

Obsidian, as part of the ‘Keeping Myself Safe Week’, used different forms of relaxation  to de-stress from a busy week of work ! The children shared their methods of relaxing, which included playing active sport, reading a book and keeping calm and still.

We tried out different forms of relaxation which included listening to choral music, whilst sitting or lying down in our most comfortable positions. We also lit candles (in a controlled condition) and shared with the rest of the class, the feelings and emotions which we felt the most, whilst watching the flames. Finally, we lit incense sticks, closed our eyes and enjoyed the scent it made in the classroom.

Relaxation is an important part of learning and our aim this week was to encourage the children to have moments of relaxation, to refresh and revive our minds and bodies.

The children have now completed designing their diyas and can use a small tealight candle in the centre, (under adult supervision) to help them to wind down after a busy day at school !

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