Homework 7th March 2018


This week we have been looking at length and height. Can you order the people in your family by height from tallest to shortest? How many hands tall is the shortest person? How many hands tall is the tallest person?


ed words

can you make a list of ed words  eg show – showed, want – wanted, ask – asked, open – opened

discuss how they change the way the word is used in the sentence and changes the tense.


Non Ficton

This week we have written non chronological reports on owls.  Can you find a piece of information to read? What was it? You could read the newspaper or some information books.



Continue on with Reading Eggs and using diaries

Open Door Reading Event – please come and see how we now do our reading daily. This will also support reading at home, 22nd March 2018, 9 – 9:45am

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