PE Open Door Event 2019

It was lovely to see so many parents and carers attending our PE Open Door Event on Friday. It certainly was an active day. After a fabulous dance presentation by Years 1-5, the children then show-cased different throwing and catching skills (Years 1,3 and 5) whilst others considered how to keep their bodies healthy from the inside (Years 2,4 and 6). After some wholesome snacks, we were then treated to Year 6 gymnastics, Core Muscle workout and Early Years Action. Finally, Mrs Clark and I accompanied approximately 10 adults on a ‘Power Walk’. 18 minutes to complete 2.6km. Very Good! In the afternoon Years 1 and 2 had a chance to take part in a ‘Ditch the Stabilisers’ lesson with Ellenie from Sustrans before we finally celebrated our achievements during school worship.

Thank you to all the teachers who worked so hard to put the day together; particular thanks to Coach Brown and Mrs Clark who are as passionate about PE as me!

Below are some hi-lights of the day:

Early Years Action!

Hand and eye co-ordination


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