Peer Mentor scheme at St. Paul’s 

We are very excited to be setting up a Peer Mentoring scheme for our pupils this Spring. Eighteen of our Year 5 and 6 children have volunteered to give up some of their lunch time to provide a mentoring and support programme for our children. They will be on hand in the playground to provide a friendly and listening ear and to honour each child’s right to have their voices and views heard and taken seriously. They have all been learning and practising what type of language and behaviour to use when they are interacting with pupils.

In addition they have been trained in how to flag things up for adult support as they are aware that somethings that are shared must be passed on to ensure all are safeguarded.

We look forward to sharing the growth and successes of this scheme with you as it takes off this term and into the summer.

Thank-you for your support.
Mrs. Levison, Mrs. Wallis and the Peer Mentors! ​