St Paul’s Earth Day 2019


Earth is special, there is only one,

And gives us water, soil and sun.

Recycle things don’t throw away, make every day an Earth day!

The Earth is ours to enjoy, let’s delight in all we see and all we share.

Help save the water and plant a tree, a tree that looks at God all day and lifts her leafy arms to pray.

Don’t you want to celebrate the Earth together?

All of us can help the Earth to stay fresh and clean and green.

Yes, let’s give our love and care for our Earth so dear.


On Friday 22 March the school will be celebrating Earth Day. The children will be celebrating our beautiful planet and learning ways to help look after it.

Every child is encouraged to wear blue and/or green. All parents and carers are invited to join their child’s first lesson of the day (9.05 – 10.05). Children will be learning about the environment. Families are encouraged to walk or bike it to school on this day to raise awareness of pollution. The children will be writing a promise leaf. You can do the same and complete a promise leaf writing how you wish to help the planet.

We look forward to seeing you then!