St Paul’s Sensory Garden

You may have noticed some activity near the entrance to school this week. A very exciting project is underway! After a successful bid for Capital funding from Barnet for a ‘Sensory Garden’, we are now moving ahead with the development. Our gardening team, led by Greg, have cleared the ground and over the coming weeks you will see the construction of planting areas, a pergola and seating spaces. Once this is completed, we will be adding a beautiful fish pond, water feature and lots of musical chimes. We will then work with the children to plant the beds with insect attracting flowers. We hope that this will be a lovely calm space for everyone to enjoy.



Day One

Day Two

Our Sensory Garden is slowly being built in spite of the harsh weather. We now have a wonderful ‘pergola’ and our bedding plots are now taking shape. Now we need to start thinking about the plants we would like to have. Our gardener, Felicity, has suggested a few. Do you recognise any? Do you have any in your garden or on your balcony? Could you donate a ‘cutting’? See Mrs Maltese if you can!



New flower beds

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