Video Reminding Pupils how to Use Google Classroom/ The Parent and Pupil Google Classroom Help Guide

Dear All, Ms Gigliotti and Ms Williams have very kindly produced this LOOM presentations to remind children and their families how to look at assignments on Google Classroom, create documents and submit work. The system is the same across ALL year groups. Don’t forget, Google Classroom can be used on laptops, tablets and smartphones. Please note, the office is open daily 9-2pm (not 9-3.30pm). Teachers will monitor work online 9-3.30pm daily EXCEPT Friday, when work will be monitored 9-12pm. Ms Smalley has offered another link for how to get onto Google Classroom – did you know you can access via XBox or Playstation!

Access Google Classroom with your phone, your Xbox or your Playstation!

Using X Box or Play Station to access Google Classroom

X Box
1. Plug a keyboard in to the X Box USB port
2. Go to my games and apps
3. Find Microsoft Edge and select
4. Type in Google Classroom and log in as you would in school
5. You can then access your work

Play Station
1. Identify the play Station internet browser icon ( WWW with dots around it)
2. Press the PS4 logo on the controller
3. Go to the library and find options for games and applications
4. Go in to applications and fid the internet browser
5. Type google classroom and log in
6. You can then access your work