Year 4 trip to Victoria & Albert Museum

Year 4 had a wonderful day at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, learning all about the anglo saxons. They learned about the different people that invaded England at that time and how their invasion changed the way England was at the time. Here is the Milton Brooch that the children looked at in the museum. It is a great example of anglo saxon jewellery. The brooch would have been used to keep their cloaks together. The cross shows that the Anglo Saxons were already practising christianity at that time. The use of cloisions inlaid with garnet, filigree knot work decoration on gold sheet and shell bossess are typical of this type. The brooch was found in 1832 in a cemetery in Milton, West Dorchester-on-Thames.

The children had a go at making their own Anglo Saxon brooches they focused on including christian features and celtic influences.