Uniform and  Suppliers


We are proud of our school uniform and expect children to wear it at all times. It can avoid problems of having to decide what to wear for school.

You can purchase the uniform from Braggs at North Finchley. Some items of uniform are also available from the school these are marked by *. You can also order uniform online at


Key Stage 1 and 2 children have a choice of:


Long grey trousers                                                         

Grey skirt or pinafore dress        

White shirt                                                                         

Grey socks

White, grey or black tight


Maroon jumper or cardigan with logo*                 

Black shoes/Black closed-in shoes (with low heel)                                                                                           

Optional fleece, with logo, not to be worn instead of the jumper



Long or short grey trousers

Maroon polo shirt with logo*

Check gingham summer dress – pink

Grey socks/ White socks


Maroon jumper or cardigan with logo*

Black shoes/ Black closed-in shoes (with low heel)

Optional fleece, with logo, not to be worn instead of the jumper


Year 6 girls are also currently able to wear                                 

Grey skirt,

White short sleeved open neck shirt with no tie                                                   

White socks

Maroon jumper or cardigan with logo*

Black closed-in shoes (with low heel)         

 Optional fleece, with logo, not to be worn instead of the jumper


Foundation Stage Children – Nursery and Reception may choose:

Grey jogging bottoms or grey skirt – in summer black shorts

White t/shirt with school logo*/ pink checked dress

School sweatshirt with logo*

Practical shoes – eg black trainers ( children will be playing on bikes etc)


All children need a school book bag.*


For PE all children must have a change of clothes. Children will need a pair of black shorts, a white T-shirt and black plimsolls. You will need a PE bag to keep these things in, these are also available from Braggs or school.


It helps us a great deal if your child’s clothes are named. All our school uniform looks the same!!!


When we get bad weather please name Wellingtons and bring a peg to keep them together.



Your child should not wear jewellery for school.

Children may have one stud earring per ear, which must be in the ear lobe. We do not allow children to wear any jewellery for PE for obvious safety reasons. Earrings must be removed or covered with tape for PE lessons.

If your child must have their ears pierced could this be done during the long summer holiday so that they do not miss any PE lessons?



Children should have sensible hairstyles. Children, both boys and girls, with long hair should have it tied back for school activities. Children will not be allowed to attend school with inappropriately coloured hair, hairstyles which have patterns cut into them or with spiky hairstyles.