The children had a wonderful time on our local area trip to Arnos Park at the beginning of the month. Our learning objective was to see what we could discover using our senses.

We used touch to feel prickly holly, smooth railings, soft grass and rough tree trunks. Our sight to see beautiful flowers, scampering squirrels, tiny, brown mushrooms, a white spider and the blue sky.  Our hearing to listen to screeching parakeets, clattering trains, barking dogs, the crunching of leaves under our feet and the rushing water of the stream. Our sense of smell to find the café van, smell the soil, fir trees and the breeze. We even found things that humans and animals could taste; berries, acorns, worms and cake from the café van!

We also made a link to our Geography unit and talked about what we could find that was part of the human environment and what was part of the physical environment.

At the end we went to the playground and had great fun on the roundabout and swings!