Message from the Head

“We aim to maximise children’s individual potential through respect and inclusion; outstanding practice in teaching and learning and a broad and enriching creative curriculum.” —St Paul’s C of E School

Established in 1857 as an infant school to educate the children of the local area, St Paul’s Church of England Primary School is a very special place. We believe that each of our children is unique and our aim is for each of them to achieve their full potential.

Our school is situated in a diverse community that typically represents London. We value and embrace this diversity.

With just one class in each year group, children are known individually and we strive to work in close partnership with parents and carers.

Our aim is for our pupils learning experiences to always be fun, challenging and positive as well as being enriched by the many trips and visits that we are able to provide. We passionately believe that by living in London, our children should take full advantage of everything it can offer them.

There is a commitment to the pursuit of excellence at all levels within our school. Our school is a happy place, where every member of staff does their best for our children. We retain good staff for longer than is typical of most London schools. This level of staff stability supports the very positive relationships that exist within and between the whole school community. Staff stability also supports children’s personal development and well-being. Everyone feels more secure if they have been able to develop and cement firm relationships.

Through newsletters, open days and other curriculum events, as well as our website, we will keep you regularly updated about all of our school developments.  We understand what you and your child go through when first starting at primary school or moving from one school to another. We firmly believe that we are able to successfully provide what the vast majority of parents are looking for within a primary school; first and foremost, that children are happy. When children are happy and settled, they go on to flourish, progress and develop into confident, well-rounded, respectful and independent learners.

We very much hope that should you apply and join our community that your child/ren will be happy and flourish in our school.

Kind regards