Mr Jones

Central Barnet Deanery Synod Governor / Finance&Resources /Curriculum

Mr Wildish

Chair of Governors


Ms Blanche

Deputy Inclusion Manager / Staff Governor / Curriculum / School Council and Music Lead

Ms Chisvo

PCC Gavernor Pay&Personnel


Ms Di Palma

Governor / Finance&Resources/ Pay&Personnel

Ms Maltese

Ms Maltese

Head Teacher / Ex-officio Governor / Inclusion Manager / Maths, History, Music and PE Lead


Ms Olebara

Parent Governor Finance&Resources

Ms Singer

Ms Singer

English Link Governor / PCC Governor / Curriculum

Ms Thakkar

Ms Thakkar

Parent Governor / Admissions/ Finance&Resources


Reverend Matthew Harbage

School Priest - Governor / Pay&Personnel

Who are the Governors and what is their role?

The Board of Governors is comprised of volunteers who represent different parts of our community. This includes parents, school staff, the local authority and the church. Governors have the following three core functions in order to support the school:

1.     To help set the strategic direction of the school.

2.     To help create systems of accountability and hold the school to account for the educational development of the pupils.

3.     To agree the school’s budget and ensure that the school’s money is well-spent.

In addition to this, Foundation Governors in a church school like St Paul’s have a responsibility to ensure that the school’s religious ethos is preserved and developed.

Many of the responsibilities of the Governing Board are statutory which means we are required by law to undertake them. Governors attend one meeting of the full board in each school term. In addition, they also attend meetings of sub-committees which meet according to the needs of the school across the year. There are four committees; Finance and Resources, Curriculum, Admissions and Pay & Personnel.

Finance and Resources Committee

This committee reviews the financial management of the school in line with the Finance Policy and the Scheme of Delegation. Their role is to guide the Head, the Senior Leadership Team and the full Governing Board in all matters relating to finance. They have to present the annual budget to the full Board after reviewing the School Financial Value Standard document. They also oversee audits of the school. They should promote a positive and safe learning environment and advise the full Board on priorities for maintenance or development. They oversee repairs or maintenance and the arrangements for use of the site by outside users. They also review the Health and Safety Policy.

Curriculum Committee

This committee reviews the School Development Plan with the Head and makes recommendations to the full Governing Board as required. They also make recommendations in light of changes to the Ofsted framework or SIAMS framework and following inspections. They meet with staff subject leaders for feedback on how each curriculum area is taught and resourced and to oversee progress being made. They also review the Policies and provision for PSHE, Relationships and Sex Education, Acts of Worship and the RE Curriculum. They monitor school’s academic performance and assessment and the way these are reported to parents/carers.

Admissions Committee

This committee meets to apply the over-subscription criteria as agreed by the full Governing Board and advises the Local Authority of the ranked list of applications. They are responsible for reviewing the Admissions Policy and recommending changes to the full Board. They ensure the Admissions process is carried out in accordance with the guidance in the Schools Admissions Criteria document and support the reasons for refusal of an application. They also oversee mid-term admissions where required and consider appeals against the LA directions on admissions, if necessary, in specific circumstances.

Pay and Personnel Committee

This committee ensures all procedures relating to the recruitment, selection and appraisal of staff are in place. They monitor staff appointments, taking part in the interview process, and review staffing structures and grades. They hear feedback from staff appraisals and changes and ensure staffing decisions support the School Development Plan. Members of this committee undergo Safer Recruitment Training and a smaller panel oversee the Performance Management of the Head.