How Do You Organise the English Curriculum at St Paul’s?

We use the National Curriculum objectives as a basis for our English curriculum.  These are delivered through a carefully planned curriculum which exposes pupils to a wide range of genres throughout their time in primary school.  Our curriculum is based on the high quality texts from a range of authors, genres and styles and is reviewed annually. Please visit your child’s class page to see their English curriculum map for the year.

Supporting this are the National Curriculum objectives for vocabulary, grammar and punctuation to ensure progression of knowledge throughout the year groups.

Please have a look at this document which shows progression from Year 1 to Year 6.

Grammar Progression Y1-6

What Are Your Expectations of Handwriting?

Being able to write legibly and fluently is a key objective for our pupils.  Like reading, making the process of writing as automatic as possible allows our pupils to be able to express themselves more easily through written word. Please see our hand writing policy (top, left) for more information.

How Can I Help My Child at Home?

Share a passion and love of reading with your child! Please read with them every day. In addition, children from Y1-6 have weekly spellings and English homework. Children in Reception need to learn their ‘tricky words’ (words which are not decodable using phonics alone e.g. are). Please see our homework policy (top, left) for more information.