Year 1
Year 1



Year 1 is lots of fun! We have been so busy and learnt lots!

  • We have learnt about full stops and capital letters.
  • We are learning how to make our handwriting look beautiful.
  • We are learning to become independent.
  • We have looked at different ways to make numbers and use different equipment.
  • We met a unicorn!
  • We have learnt about dinosaurs and palaeontologists.
  • We have learnt about keeping ourselves safe and how important it is to know where we live and who can help us.

We like to help each other, when we’re working and when we are playing. We always try our best and love trying to get to bronze/silver or gold. We love earning house points and putting them in the collection jar. We like all the adults that come into our class and enjoy showing them how much we know! We think that Year 1 is brilliant!