Year 4
Year 4

Inner peace and wisdom


Year 4 is an amazing class and this year so far, we have had a great time in school. Some of our favourite things have been:

  • Writing stories about the digestive system (Pasha)
  • Swimming every Friday (Zara)
  • Tag Rugby with a coach from Saracens Rugby Team (Sean)
  • Sketching pictures based on our current English book (Petar)
  • Painting self portraits for our RE display (Jessica)
  • Making neon sea creatures after our visit to the London Aquarium (Ezra)
  • Singing – well most of us! (Charlie)

We always try our best and make progress in lessons. We help each other, both in class and in the playground. Each day we try to do something kind for others, make people smile and feel welcome and we think of others before ourselves. We like our teacher a lot and we are great!