British Values at Our School

We are very proud of our work on British Values within school. In learning about these, we invite the children to see the connections between our school Christian Values of Wisdom, Compassion and Endurance and those of tolerance, democracy, liberty, respect, responsibility and the rule of law.



Does the curriculum represent you? (KS2) | Do you know your history? (KS1)

5th October 2020


Have we forgotten about the environment this year?

12th October 2020


Is "cancel culture" unfair? (KS2) | Is it hard to forgive? (KS1)

28th September 2020


Should everyone volunteer in their community?

21st September 2020


Should pupils wear masks in school?

14th September 2020


Would you donate your organs?(Year 4-6)/Does giving make you happy?(Year 1-3)

7th September 2020