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Parents are asked not to bring their children to school before 8.45 am. There is no supervision until that time. Upon arrival children are expected to wait in the playground until they are collected by their teacher at 8.55 am.

At the end of the school day children are taken to the playground by their class teacher where they should be collected by their parents at 3.30 pm prompt. Any parents who are unavoidably prevented from meeting their children are requested to telephone the school so that alternative arrangements may be made. In the interest of their own safety children will not be allowed to leave school without such arrangements having been made.

If parents of Year 6 pupils wish their child to walk home unaccompanied, we ask that they first put this in writing, thus accepting responsibility for their child’s safety.

Year 6 pupils are not allowed to take younger siblings home on their own.


We are proud of our school uniform and expect children to wear it at all times. It can avoid problems of having to decide what to wear for school. You can purchase the uniform from Braggs at North Finchley. Some items of uniform are also available from the school these are marked by *.

For more information, see School Uniform


Your child should not wear jewellery for school.

Children may have one stud earring per ear, which must be in the ear lobe. We do not allow children to wear any jewellery for PE for obvious safety reasons. Earrings must be removed or covered with tape for PE lessons.

If your child must have their ears pierced could this be done during the long summer holiday so that they do not miss any PE lessons?


Children should have sensible hairstyles. Children, both boys and girls, with long hair should have it tied back for school activities. Children will not be allowed to attend school with inappropriately coloured hair, hairstyles which have patterns cut into them or with spiky hairstyles.


Parents are requested to ensure that their child arrives at school in good time to start at 8.55 am. Late arrivals can be disruptive for the rest of the class and detrimental to your own child’s progress. Children arriving after 8.55 am will be recorded as late. Children with a large number of late marks will be brought to the attention of the Educational Welfare Officer. Those arriving after 9.10am without a valid reason will be credited with an unauthorised absence for that session.


Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child attends school regularly. We recognise that due to sickness or an unexpected crisis a degree of absence may be unavoidable. Parents are asked to:

  • Make routine dental appointments outside of school hours, where possible
  • Notify the school in advance of any planned absence
  • Inform the school as soon as possible of the reasons for any absences
  • Send a written note, explaining the reason for absence, with your child upon his/her return to school

Terms and holiday dates are included in the Prospectus. Family holidays should be taken during the school holiday periods, we do not authorise term time holidays. Leave of absence from school will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Parents must seek a leave of absence from the Headteacher by completing a form available from the office and then having a meeting with the Headteacher.

Each request for leave of absence will be assessed on its own merits and will involve:-

  • The age of the child
  • The nature of the proposed absence
  • The timing of the proposed absence
  • The attendance pattern in the present and previous academic years (government expectation is that children should have 95% attendance )
  • The child’s progress

Leave of absences in September, December, May or July will not be given other than in an emergency

Failure to request leave of absence or ignoring the decision of the Headteacher could lead to the issuing of a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of up to £120 per parent/ carer per child.

Families leaving the country without requesting leave or failing to return on the agreed date risk losing their child’s school place


Parents are requested to keep their child at home if he/she appears to be unwell. If you feel that your child is not well enough to be outside at break, he/she is usually not fit enough to be at school.

If a child has suffered sickness or diarrhoea during the night, he or she should be kept at home for twenty four hours after the last bout of sickness or diarrhoea before returning to school. Please inform the school immediately if your child has an infectious or contagious disease such as measles, chicken pox or mumps.


The school has regular visits from the school nurse. In Reception, hearing and eye tests will be carried out on the children. Within the school day qualified first-aiders are available and have special responsibility for attending to children who may need assistance or care. If a child has an accident or requires urgent medical attention, he/she will be taken to the local casualty department. In such circumstances parents will be informed by the school. It is essential, therefore, that the school is informed of any change of address or home/work telephone number.

The class teacher and principle first-aider should be informed if your child is asthmatic, diabetic or suffers from any other medical condition. Parents are also encouraged to inform the school whenever they have any concerns about their child’s health which they feel may be affecting his/her academic or social progress.

Administering Medicines

We are unable to administer aspirin, paracetamol or similar drugs which are not prescribed by a doctor. We may administer antibiotics and asthmatic preparations or regular medication prescribed by a doctor provided we are given very clear instructions as to the dosage and the times the medication is to be administered. A permission form, signed by the parent, who accepts responsibility must be completed before medicine can be given.

Any medicine brought on to school premises must be handed to the principal first-aider at the beginning of the school day.


If a child is found to have live head lice or eggs, a letter will be sent to all the children in his/hers class asking parents to check their children’s hair.

* Please treat your own child and the rest of the family.

* No reference will be made to the source of any occurrence. Please remember that head lice thrive on clean hair. For further advice please contact: Oakleigh Road Clinic, 280 Oakleigh Road North, London N11. Tel: (020) 8361 3638.


School meals which are transported into the school are available to all pupils. From September 2014 children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 have been entitled to a free school meal. There is a healthy menu for school meals which rotates on a four week cycle. Specific dietary requirements can usually be catered for. School meals may be paid for each Tuesday or at the beginning of each term. Exact cash, or cheque made payable to “St Paul’s C E Primary School” is acceptable.

For parents who are on a low weekly income school meals can be provided without cost. Such children are in no way marked out or treated differently from other children. Those entitled to free school meals under this category should register with the school as they may be entitled to help with other aspects of school life such as trips and clubs. Parents who have difficulty in meeting the cost of school meals should contact the School Office.

For those who do not wish to use the school meal service, provision can be made for them to eat their own packed lunch. This should be brought to school in a lunch box which is clearly labelled with your child’s name.

Please ensure that your child’s lunch provides a balanced and nourishing meal. It should include a drink. In view of increasing evidence of some children’s allergies, children must not bring to school any food which contains nuts.

In order to assist the organisation of our School Meal’s service, changes from a school meal to a packed lunch and vice versa can be implemented only at the beginning of each half term or term. Parents are asked to notify the school office in writing of any changes.

Children in Foundation Stage and KS1 are provided with fruit through the Government’s 5-a-day scheme. Children in KS2 are encouraged to bring a small piece of fruit to eat at break. All children are encouraged to bring filled water bottles.